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Investing in Nicoya Peninsula Real Estate: Why Now is the Time

The Nicoya Peninsula is one of the world’s most stunning and unique places. This is because it cradles one of the five blue zones in the world – Nicoya. Blue zones are regions where people live the longest and the healthiest lives. Nicoya is the only blue zone in Latin America and the largest blue zone in the world. It’s known for world-class surfing, diving, fishing, and amazing coastal properties. We’ll tell you why now is the best time to grab a great opportunity to own your own little spot in this paradise.

The Nicoya Peninsula Region

The peninsula is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions of Costa Rica. It comprises Guanacaste to the north and Puntarenas in the southern Nicoya Peninsula. 

The region features beautiful coastal towns in the Pacific Ocean. Tamarindo is one of them. The rugged sun-drenched coastline is a perfect location for spectacular views you can’t see anywhere.

Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches can be found here. This is Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast side. Aside from water fun and adventures, there is much to do and much to see on this side of the Pacific Coast.

Nicoya is the main city of the Nicoya canton in the province of Guanacaste. This chief town is the commercial center and the transport center to the beautiful beaches and nature parks in Guanacaste.

Why invest in Nicoya Peninsula properties?

The world health crisis of 2020 has made people realize the value of living healthy lives. Costa Rica is a country that promotes healthy and happy living. With the Pura Vida culture, they promoted healthy lifestyles even before the pandemic hit.

The Nicoya Peninsula is Costa Rica’s best example of the healthy living it promotes. Living here are a good number of centenarians proving that it is possible. Living a clean lifestyle helps us live longer and enjoy life to the fullest.

While all that sounds too good, it is true. Many people come here for these reasons aside from the beautiful beaches. Most retire to experience a relaxed lifestyle at the beach. 

Dreamy weather all year round

There is no set season of the year when people should visit here for vacation. It’s because the area has ideal weather year-round. As a result, the appeal to tourists is year-round and not only during certain months. At any time of the year, you are free to choose to visit. It will be an equally wonderful experience.

Tourism and Investment Opportunities

Tourism in the country has always paved the way for lucrative investments. The Nicoya Peninsula has ever-increasing popularity with tourists and expats. The steady and careful developments in this area create thriving communities. This comes along with growing opportunities for investments.

While still pristine, the region has adequate infrastructure and development. The roads are paved. They have all the utilities, infrastructure, and amenities. The peninsula is a great place to construct. There are many homes available at lesser costs at this time.  Investing in a spot here is very encouraging.

Investing in your dream life in Costa Rica

Many folks choose to live here and haven’t looked back. It’s a real utopia where things are valued more and cost less. It takes a lot of investment for people to invest in the rest of their lives. In reality, we pay generously for a good life. On the Nicoya Peninsula, however, you are free to lead any lifestyle, no matter how opulent or modest. All this without dipping into the rest of your life savings.

The Nicoya Peninsula has a place for everyone who is looking for a better life and investment opportunity. It’s for vacations. It’s for retirement. It’s for builders and businesses. Discover what this place has in store for you. 

Life in the Blue Zone Nicoya Peninsula

Blue Zone living is something that has piqued the curiosity of many people. Most of them, at some point, embraced stressful lives to achieve a good living. It’s the complete opposite of life here in the Nicoya Peninsula. The healthier, less stressful life you live, it’s how you achieve a good life. 

Centenarians in this area demonstrate the importance of good daily routines. It is their not-so-secret to a long and happy life. It’s clear how remarkable life is in the Blue Zone. It’s because of the high population of centenarians there. Everyone wants to know how to achieve such vigor and high quality of life.

According to studies, their diet plays a big part. The locals here are not all vegetarians. But vegetables make up a sizable percentage of their diet. They mostly consume meals made of self-grown plants. The centenarians in this region worked in fields, ride horses and enjoy sunbathing on the beach.

Some people who came here could have done so primarily to live a better lifestyle. But for those who have lived here their whole lives, it is rather normal and simple. Simply put, the lifestyle is how they live. While you can’t exactly duplicate their methods, we can undoubtedly pick up a few tips. And those simple things have the power to significantly alter your life. It’s never too late to live your best life on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Where to find Nicoya real estate?

Considering how much fun it is, exploring the Nicoya Peninsula is not challenging. Two provinces, Guanacaste and Puntarenas, make up the Nicoya Peninsula. The areas comprise the  Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Exploring its natural beauty and everyday wonders is a treat. However, finding a property here is another story.

It doesn’t have to be difficult either if you approach the right people. Find experts who not only know the region but can also tell where the investment opportunities are. 

Both the northern and southern parts are hotspots for Costa Rica real estate. This region has the most beautiful beaches. And so it has beautiful beachfront properties. 

The roads are paved and there are many amenities. With that said, there are restaurants, condos, and luxurious hotels here. The communities keep thriving. Popular coastal communities like Tamarindo are one of the people’s most favorite places in Costa Rica. Tamarindo is a town in the district of Santa Cruz, a canton of Guanacaste Costa Rica

Meanwhile, you will find Mal Pais and Santa Teresa in the southern part. It’s in the province of Puntarenas. These places have the most beautiful beaches and booming local businesses. Mal Pais started as a quaint cattle-farming town and has become one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations today.

The perfect ocean view of a vacation home and a beachfront property is the most sought-after in the region. A gated community can also be found here and there. There are some condos with an ocean view.  You can also find land for sale that has many great potentials for developments. There are also properties here that are great locations even for commercial industries. 

Here, it makes sense to invest in a lifetime home for your family or your retirement. You can also find vacation houses for rentals or just for your enjoyment. Or maybe something in between. Properties are being sold that have the main house, a swimming pool, and a guest apartment. You can have either of the two accommodations up for rent while you stay in the other one. 

Property here often has a fantastic ocean view. Everything is close by and within walking distance. It’s thrilling to locate a wonderful house that meets your needs here. Transportation became simpler thanks to the paved roads and good infrastructure.

If you have the chance to acquire real estate in a tropical country, whether for personal reasons or future profit, you’ll be lucky to get a spot here.

There are many different types of property listings in Century21 Pura Vida. Search by province or city. You’ll discover that residing in the Blue Zone is not at all impossible.

Now is the perfect time to own a property in the Nicoya Peninsula

In the foreseeable future, real estate in Nicoya is expected to rise in value. As the world turns post-covid, people are more encouraged to discover healthy lifestyles. And many seek wonderful paradises here on earth to live it up.

Now is the time to invest in Nicoya Peninsula Real Estate. The Nicoya Peninsula is a great place to invest in real estate. This is because of its pristine environment, uncrowded beaches, and vibrant towns. You can contribute as well if you want to enjoy life in the Blue Zone. A general attitude favoring sustainable growth and healthy living will be effective. Today’s world needs it. 

You are probably being called to join the peninsula today. Contact us today and one of our agents can help you. We can make it happen.

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