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Escazu Costa Rica Real Estate: Luxurious Living in a Tropical Paradise

In a tropical paradise like Costa Rica, most people seek luxury and comfort. However, this often comes with a cost. However, in Costa Rica, pricing isn’t the major criterion for luxury and comfort. Being in the right place and knowing exactly what you are looking for is the genuine key.

It is critical to have a good understanding of Costa Rica’s most desirable neighborhoods. Each community here has its unique characteristics and vibe. Knowing the best options is the first step to living a comfortable luxurious life in Costa Rica. Learn about one of Costa Rica’s finest communities. Learn more about Escazu to see whether it’s the right investment for you.  

Location Escazu

Escazu is only 9 kilometers from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. It’s about 15 minutes away from San Jose and 30 minutes away from Juan Santamaría International Airport. The place has an elevation of 1,101 meters and has an area of 4.56 km². 

It is a popular home for many rich families. Escazu is one of the most developed suburbs in the country. From its hilltop location, Escazu offers stunning views of the metropolitan region. For many reasons, it’s a popular option among the wealthy. 

Escazu is also noted for housing many expatriate families. Many embassies, including the US Ambassador, Canadian, British, German, and others, choose to reside here. Continue reading to see why it is the most popular choice among expats.

Escazu homes for sale or rent

Many types of accommodation and dwellings are available in Escazu. You need to know your options, whether you wish to visit for a holiday or invest in a property. Escazu is not only a desirable place to live, it is also a prime attraction. It is a popular place for exquisite dining and exclusive shopping.

Escazu offers a range of properties available for investors and visitors. There is something for everyone. If you are searching for comfortable and stylish living, look here first.  Property types include single-story residences to multi-story structures. There are also many elegant apartments and penthouses, huge villas, and mansions.

Apartments and condominiums come with luxurious amenities. Some have great views and close proximity to Costa Rica Country Club and activity places. They have professional staff, access control, and round-the-clock security. A swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a children’s playground, and a tennis court are common in this type of property. The majority of apartments offer a fantastic city view.

For people who choose privacy, there are independent houses available. Escazu provides separate houses with a controlled entry. They offer you the solitude and security of a secure residence. Guest apartments are sometimes included in the property. They normally have separate entrances. Mansions, which usually incorporate residences and guest flats inside the property, are similar. Mansions offer spacious living spaces. Mansions may include a few houses and apartments inside the property.  Such residences are likely to have a gorgeous garden and a breathtaking view.

Many real estate investors have been drawn to Escazu’s exquisite residences. Escazu is a high-end residential neighborhood near San Jose. It is the ideal location because of its proximity to the country’s main metropolitan and the wonderful lifestyle it offers.

Escazu is a sought-after place in Costa Rica. This is mainly because it’s a well-developed region with an incredible mountain outlook. The location provides access to world-class health care, shopping, and other modern amenities.

A place to live

Escazu is a great place to live. Aside from the comfort and luxury, there are many activities to enjoy for you and your family. Day tours, nature trips, and gastronomic tours are common activities here. It has a worry-free urban environment and a tranquil neighborhood. This while also being close to everything the metropolitan can offer. While the desirability of the place predicts high prices, Escazu has less expensive options. Here are some things people love most about living in Escazu.


Escazu’s modern lifestyle is not only for the typical business people who invest here. Many expats and foreigners like the way of life here. In addition to its beautiful location, it is home to world-class entertainment.  It has many amenities for children and families to enjoy. People here enjoy a sophisticated metropolitan lifestyle. This is ideal for anybody seeking comfort and convenience.

Escazu has safe neighborhoods where you enjoy both serenity and city amenities. It’s difficult to find the ideal balance and the place’s distinct atmosphere anywhere. It was historically a rest stop for early tribes traveling across the country. From its humble beginnings, the region has grown to what it is today.

Escazu is a retirement and expat haven. There are exciting choices of residences for those who want to live here. From traditional country villas to modern developments, there’s plenty to choose from. With the right budget, it is easy to find yourself in the same neighborhood as the ambassadors.  

Escazu also offers some top office centers in the world. They house international and global companies. Many multinational corporations have established a presence in this city. Several of them provide first-class services to other more developed nations. While hundreds of others are in the legal and software industries. The best hotels and bars can also be found here. Escazu has an exciting nightlife scene. The place is also a hotspot for the country’s most exquisite restaurants. Having access to all these made Escazu’s lifestyle exactly what most people desire: the finest of everything.


In Escazu, shopping is never dull. The Multiplaza Escazu, one of Costa Rica’s largest shopping complexes, is located here. Numerous fashion, cosmetics, and perfume brands are present at the mall. Popular European and American companies, as well as high-end labels, are here in Escazu.

Avenida Escazu mixes shopping with gastronomic treats, entertainment, and events. This urban mixed-use development is upscale. The place is known to have all the most popular world brands all in one place. 

Another best shopping spot that’s hard to miss is Plaza Tempo. It’s a contemporary mixed-use commercial district. Aside from the shopping mall, it houses hotels, restaurants, fashion brands, cinemas, and more.

If you want an exclusive shopping or leisure experience, visit the above-mentioned locations. There’s a lot more to learn about Escazu. 

Of course, for those who live here, the fantastic shopping experience is a common part of everyone’s life. Expats have easy access to products from their homeland, and high-end goods are a real delight. One of the reasons why people prefer to live here is because of this. The stylish and modern lifestyle in a peaceful, charming place is hard to resist.


CIMA hospital is located in Escazu. It is the largest private hospital in the country. In addition to that, there are smaller hospitals nearby. And Clinica Biblica hospital in Santa Ana is just a few minutes away. Because medical tourism is popular in Escazu, high-quality medical services are expected. 

You’ll find a lot of dental offices, plastic surgery clinics, and anti-aging clinics. Finding a place to stay in Escazu necessitates careful preparation and timing. It is crucial to mention that to people traveling for medical tourism. Hotels in this area are often booked up all of the time. Rental properties investors, on the other hand, will find plenty of opportunities here.

It’s also worth mentioning the excellent medical care provided by the government in Costa Rica.  Escazu residents enjoy great medical care. They have easy access to specialists at the nearby CIMA hospital. 

CAJA is a government-sponsored healthcare program for Costa Rican citizens, residents, and visitors. Visitors pay a monthly charge based on their income. Residents, on the other hand, must apply for it as part of the immigration procedure. 

There is also insurance available to cover the cost of excellent private medical care. Escazu has the finest medical communities in the country.  


Escazu dining reflects the region’s distinct qualities. Everyone will find something to their liking here, especially in terms of cuisine. There is a wide range of traditional, international, and fusion cuisines to choose from. Follow your whims or simply pick an ambiance that appeals to you. From fast food to sophisticated gourmet cuisine, this is not a place to go hungry. It is rather a place to enjoy your palate and fine taste for hearty food.

The Multiplaza food courts are a good place to go if you’re seeking simple meals. Plaza Tempo also has a gourmet food court. There are different places where you can find fantastic restaurants. There is something different to try every time.

Enjoy simple sumptuous meals or an exquisite fine dining experience. Whatever you please, there’s a perfect place for you in Escazu. Decide on your favorite spots. Some of the restaurants here have outdoor spaces for dining.  Discover Peruvian, French, World cuisine, and many more. 

All the amenities and conveniences you can afford

There are a ton of activities for you and your family in Escazu. The urban flair of this tropical spot attracts expats of different ages. And it might charm you the same way it charmed many others. Many are enjoying the posh lifestyle and conveniences of living in one of Costa Rica’s popular locations, Escazu.

Owning an Escazu property would make it all worthwhile if you wish to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The more you learn about Escazu, the more you’ll realize how valuable these rapidly growing communities are. Check out real estate listings in Escazu and different interesting locations in Costa Rica here. We can guide you in finding the Costa Rica real estate property of your dreams.

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