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Tamarindo Costa Rica Real Estate Long-term Rentals: Amazing Investment Opportunities in a Tranquil Town

We are constantly torn between the convenience of city life and the calm of living in the country. Tamarindo, surprisingly, has the best of both worlds to offer. Tamarindo’s allure is undeniable for many reasons. We’ll show you why Tamarindo is a delightful retreat for visitors as well as investors in this post.

Why do people choose Costa Rica vacation rentals?

Before we talk about investing in real estate, we must first understand the market in Costa Rica. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world that offers an experience of the tropics. Beach town living, mountain adventures, and many lifestyle options can be found here. Many foreigners take the chance to experience their dream life, if only for a while or for the long term.

Extending your stay in Costa Rica is simple and certainly possible. This is especially true for visitors who are enamored with the country. Costa Rica offers everything from a basic way of life to a lavish one. Foreigners may enjoy this nation more easily with the option of renting. The main reasons they choose to rent in Costa Rica are listed below.

It saves them money.

People who want to stay in Costa Rica for an extended period often choose long-term rentals. Long-term renting is less expensive than hotel and resort accommodations. Many rental houses also have a kitchen and other amenities that can help people save money.

They can prepare their own meals, purchase at a local market, and do their laundry. They can do everything a local can. It is cheaper to live like a local than it is to stay as a tourist. Rentals may also provide free items. This would often include surfing and snorkeling equipment or bicycles.

To explore the country

gems that may be discovered by anybody who takes the time to look for them. That, however, cannot be accomplished in a single day or two. The nation is so diversified that you’ll be surprised at how neighborhoods differ. That’s in terms of what they offer a visitor or an expat.

Anybody relocating to Costa Rica must determine which part of the company is best for them. What we know about Costa Rica cannot be generalized. There is a perfect place for everyone to thrive. Knowing where to live can save you from future regrets. 

Closeness to the best medical care is important. It is also important to know which temperature you can enjoy and tolerate. Living near the shore vs in the mountains, for example, are completely different.

Experience the local culture

Costa Rica has a vibrant culture. Pura Vida may be a well-known phrase, yet it is still a mystery to the majority of people. Pura Vida is best taught through immersing yourself in the local culture. To do so, you’ll need to remain in Costa Rica for a time.

Getting to know and observe the locals may be extremely valuable. Planning to stay in Costa Rica? Studying the local culture will aid in adaptation. Foreigners discover smart ways to live the Pura Vida life by living among the locals.

Long term rentals can provide more stability

Many retirees go to Costa Rica in search of a secure environment in which to spend their golden years. While others have come to enjoy the beach and live their lives to the fullest. Costa Rica, for whatever reason, provides a haven for these folks to live happy lives. The country offers fresh chances to make a better life for oneself.

Long-term rentals are a smart option. It is for those who want to be sure that they’ll be able to make a good livelihood here in the long run. Of course, they do not need to spend a large sum of money on a home here just yet. Renting allows them to test the waters. It gets them access to new opportunities. It also allows them to build a life before owning a home and finally settling down permanently.

Long term rental in the Costa Rican beach town Tamarindo

The vibrant town is also home to the most beautiful beach. Playa Tamarindo is popular with surfers. Although it also attracts a wide range of visitors other than them. Many of these visitors would like to stay for more than a day or two and would opt for long-term rentals.  Who wouldn’t want to sunbathe for a little longer? Surrounded by protected wildlife, the area is also surrounded by top-notch restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. There are also other facilities that you wouldn’t expect to find in locations like this.

Long-term rentals are common in Tamarindo. It will remain a lucrative industry here. The town provides everything needed to feel at ease when staying in a foreign country. Everything in Tamarindo is just a short walk. It’s a bustling town with a multicultural vibe. Many expats who stayed have created restaurants serving traditional meals from their homeland. The culture and cuisine are diverse and rich. Many are allured by this one-of-a-kind tropical beach experience with all the conveniences.

Types of perfect rental properties in Tamarindo

  • Single and two-bedroom condominium or apartment
  • Fully furnished condos with private pool
  • Two-bedrooms or three-bedroom private homes
  • House in a small gated community
  • Luxury villas

Visitors visiting Tamarindo may participate in a variety of activities. It’s a fantastic place for adrenaline seekers.  Also for families to go on excursions and activities. Many advertisements have homes within walking distance of the beach and all the amenities. You can walk to grocery stores, nearby sports facilities, or wherever else you wish to go. People can carry on living here without owning a car. Everything is strategically located within just minutes and a short distance. Bicycles and golf carts are popular modes of mobility. Investors should consider acquiring a real estate property in this location.

Tamarindo is also a short bus ride away from Flamingo Beach. Playa Tamarindo or Tamarindo beach has a white sandy beach. Tamarindo beach is more developed than Flamingo Beach. In Tamarindo and Flamingo Beach, you can locate properties with incredible views. They have perfect ocean views and mountain views. Long-term rental is profitable in these areas. 

Average Returns on Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica

Investors should know the best places to invest. They should also have realistic expectations for ROI in renting a property. If the property is well maintained and marketed, it should yield 18% to 25% gross average ROI. After deducting expenses, investors will have an average ROI between 8% to 12% annually.

Management and maintenance are crucial. Well-maintained properties will have their usual wear and tear. But it will cost owners less on repairs and fixes. You can learn from the best property managers to help you in many aspects. 

Common Vacation Rental expenditures

Here’s a detailed list of common expenditures that owners should know.

General Maintenance for Tropical Homes

As previously said, rental property care is essential in this industry. This isn’t just a mundane task; it also helps to maintain or raise the value of your home. If the property has been effectively kept, it will also aid you in avoiding needless large costs. 

Maintenance in a tropical country can be different. The roof, especially in areas where oxidation is more rapid, such as along the ocean, requires extra attention. Cleaning the gutters and pest treatment should both be done regularly.

In Costa Rica, the owner is responsible for any repairs. The landlord must do so within 10 days after receiving notice from the tenant.

Gardening and Water Drainage

The tropics have a lot of lush flora and green areas. Outside areas are now just as significant as the interior of the house. Gardens are an attractive addition to the amenities available to renters in Costa Rica. However, it is not as simple as it appears. Work is required for gardening and landscaping. Gardens in this area should have good drainage to be ready for the rainy season.

Gardening is not a one-time investment in terms of money. Lawns need to be trimmed and maintained regularly, usually every month or every two weeks. When the property is in a tropical rainforest, it may be a different scenario.

Maintenance of the Private Pool

It is usual for residences to come with a swimming pool as part of the deal. Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing by the pool when the weather is nice, as it is in Costa Rica? On the other hand, a property with a swimming pool necessitates a hefty maintenance price. That is in addition to the expensive installation fee.

Despite this, many property owners include a swimming pool in their plans. They’re great to have if your home doesn’t have easy access to the beach. Also, if you want to rent it out even during the off-season. Although it is an expensive investment, having a pool essentially guarantees year-round occupancy. That’s preferable to sitting on a property for months without producing any money.

Cleaning, Utilities, and Guest Amenities

These expenses are higher for short-term leases. The property will need to be cleaned in between guests. The usual utilities include electricity, waste disposal, water bill, internet access, cable tv, air conditioning, and more. Guest amenities can include toiletries, bed linens, and other pantry items.

Insurance Cost

Costa Rican homeowners insurance is quite affordable. It is necessary to pay it yearly. You can also buy extended insurance on major appliances here. 


The following taxes are part of the expense of every rental property here in Costa Rica.

  • Property tax
  • Rental tax
  • Sales tax

Tamarindo is an ideal place for those seeking a calm lifestyle and a safe investment

There are tons of people whose ideal lifestyle is to live simply with some conveniences. Maybe a cable TV and a great ocean view would be enough. Air conditioning may be needed. But there is plenty of fresh air and unforced calm in the surroundings. Tamarindo is a paradise for many.

Tamarindo is a beautiful spot to start whether you want to stay in Costa Rica for a new lifestyle or to acquire a stable income. It is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful jewels. The place is not to be simply explored, but also will make anyone want to stay. If the lifestyle of Tamarindo appeals to you, it charms many others as well. Either you’ll battle for a spot here or you’ll leap at the chance to provide the experience yourself to others as a vacation rentals owner.
For more information and services for acquiring from simple condos to luxury condos or rental apartments in a quiet neighborhood, and long-term rentals with spectacular views, contact Century21 Pura Vida today. We offer world-class services on property acquisition, property management, rental services, and more.

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