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Quepos Costa Rica Real Estate: Unforgettable Harbor Town

There are a number of top-notch fishing spots in Quepos. Quepos, a harbor town on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, is a renowned fishing paradise. It is home to some of the best sport fishing and commercial fishing spots in the world. It is also known as the gateway to the famous Manuel Antonio National Park.

Find vacation rentals and the right Costa Rica real estate investment opportunity in this unique port town. This article will show you how to get there. We’ll also talk about the unique character of this town that’s worth knowing firsthand.

Quepos location and how to get there

Quepos is a district of the Quepos canton, which is a part of a Puntarenas province. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean region of Costa Rica. This town was once inhabited by Quepo Indians hence the name.

There is a domestic flight to Quepos from Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose. From San Jose, go to the Quepos Airport (XQP). The distance from the airport to Quepos is only 5 km. This is the quickest route to take to reach Quepos. 

Alternatively, you can go the 177 kilometers by shuttle or rental car. Driving along Route 34, which passes Jaco along the shore, would take you about two to three hours. Taking Route 301 through the mountains takes about 4 hours.

Quepos: the Gateway to Adventures of a Lifetime

Quepos, as we already said, serves as the doorway to a well-known tourist area in Costa Rica. White sand beaches, stunning coral reefs, and a magnificent rough forest are some features of Manuel Antonio National Park. You will surely gasp at the abundant wildlife in Manuel Antonio. Because of this, many tourists choose to take tours of this location. This is without realizing that getting there is enjoyable in and of itself. Quepos is a charming place with amazing fishing opportunities. It has delectable regional cuisines and many lovely secrets of its own.

Unique Landscape

Although Quepos is currently best known for its luxury cruises and commercial fishing, this will surprise you. There is no actual ocean there. Quepos is a waterfront of a wide river. The inlet of Quepos is where the rainforest meets the sea.

Fishing Adventure

A trip to Quepos is not complete without a fishing adventure. There are a variety of charter companies that can take you out for an unforgettable day on the water. Quepos is for you if you’re an experienced angler or just getting started.

Local Economy of Quepos Costa Rica

The port in Quepos was formerly well-known for its banana plantations. It is now better known as one of the top spots in the world for big game sports fishing. 

One of the main components of Quepos’ economy is the tourism industry. This region is notably supported by the ecotourism sector. The world-class marina and sports fishing contribute to this location’s appeal to tourists.

Shops, restaurants, and pubs are establishments that cater to both locals and tourists. Additionally, there are several farming and fishing businesses in this region. 

The Marina

This marina is a fully functioning world-class premier marina. Marina Pez Vela is one of Quepos main attractions and a spot for most activities in Quepos. Here you will find the best fishing charters in Quepos. There are also nice restaurants here with delectable cuisines. With most of them having the best ocean view, it’s great for families, couples, and groups of friends. You can also enjoy shopping here. 

What’s Special About Pez Vela Marina 

You won’t often get to experience the breathtaking scenery that this marina has to offer. Most marinas do have spectacular vistas, but none compare to Marina Pez Vela. This marina is located in a picturesque natural environment. It is surrounded by a mountain covered in luxuriant jungle and spectacular fauna.

The new marine law and the luxury yacht industry

Yacht owners and charterers now have greater access to Quepos. The place is now a major vacation destination for them when the new marine law is implemented in 2021. The new regulation allows them to legally charter and temporarily stay in Costa Rica for up to two years. The superyacht community is quite happy about this. 

Before the adoption of this regulation, they could only spend 90 days on your yacht. They have to leave the country after that and wait another 90 days before coming back.

 on your yacht before having to leave the nation and wait another 90 days before coming back.

Explore Quepos real estate market

Both travelers and real estate investors should consider visiting Quepos. It is close to touristy spots like Manuel Antonio and itself a dreamy place to be. The location and all the amenities indicate that it is ready for major investment and growth. 

Costa Rica offers investment opportunities for both locals and foreigners. Quepos is one of those places that are ideal for those who want thrilling lucrative returns.

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