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Nosara Costa Rica Real Estate: Quaint, Quiet, and Healthy Living

Different regions in Costa Rica are known for their own distinct atmosphere. If you want to know Costa Rica perfectly well, you will surely find hidden gems here and there. It doesn’t matter who you are, You could be an investor looking for vacation rentals. You may want to learn why tourists adore the place. Or you could be someone who is considering making a major life shift and relocating to Costa Rica. Find your dream home or vacation rentals in Nosara Costa Rica. 

Costa Ricans go to this unique location to cultivate a healthy mindset, mind, and body. Nosara is a popular tourist destination, and you should visit it as well. If you haven’t heard of this place, you’re missing out on a lot. Nosara Costa Rica is the ideal tropical getaway for anyone who wants to recharge and enjoy life.

Where is Nosara and how to get there

Nosara is in the province of Guanacaste. It is a district in the Nicoya canton. You can get there by air or land. The place is 80 miles away from the Liberia airport and about 159 miles away from the country’s capital, San Jose.

The easiest way to get there is by air and the shortest way is via Liberia airport.  Expect that flying from Liberia is more expensive than flying from San Jose. The country’s main airport is Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose. You’ll get lower-priced tickets there to Nosara.

In a rush? Some companies operate nonstop. They have regular flights from Liberia and San Jose. Flying from Liberia Airport to Nosara takes 15 minutes. Flying from San Jose takes 40 minutes.

You can go by land if time is not an issue. When traveling by land, you have a few alternatives. You have the option of using the shuttle, the bus, or driving a car. It’s a long journey, but it’s a great experience and a chance to take in the view of miles and miles of lush greenery. 

Getting a shuttle service from point to point or for the rest of the itinerary is ideal for those who don’t want to drive. It is also best for those who are traveling with a group. It is convenient for health and safety reasons to not share a vehicle with people you don’t know. You can always opt for a private shuttle.

The drive to Nosara from San Jose usually takes 4-5 hours. Driving from Liberia takes only 2 ½ hours. Expect a later time of arrival if you are taking the bus.

Explore the Nosara Region

Nosara Costa Rica attracts many visitors because of its beaches. This region in the province of Guanacaste cradles five amazing beach communities. These neighborhoods with incredible ocean fronts include the following:

  • Playa Nosara
  • Playa Guiones
  • Playa Garza
  • Playa Pelada
  • Playa Ostional

Inland is the traditional village of Nosara. Nosara is a 6-kilometer area. The government and the locals have been consistent in their efforts. They have been preserving and protecting the place from then until now. Aside from the national park system that protects the area, the citizens have a big role. They make sure their forests and beaches remain pristine. It’s the reason why many fall in love with the place. It is because of the love and effort put into preserving its beauty and charm.

In Nosara Costa Rica, only small-scale projects are permitted. It’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re thinking about buying a real estate property in the area to develop. Explore the area to find fantastic places for homes, vacation rentals, or other types of real estate.  It is not difficult to find them. 

Foreigners can own a Nosara real estate property. If you are planning to develop the area, here’s something to note. Skyscrapers are not permitted here. The featured properties here are those that highlight the beauty of nature. It’s a place where the sky can be seen in all its glory. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic vista, the ocean view, and a sunset unlike any other.

Expats are flocking to the beach towns of Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada. These towns have the most number of foreigners settling down to live in Nosara. Learn why as we introduce each of the Nosara region’s coastal villages.

The Beach Towns Highlights

Nosara Costa Rica is famous for its beach towns. There are various great sites for a great ocean view here. Here is your guide to the uniqueness of each beach community in the Nosara region. Also known for yoga and surfing, Nosara is the ultimate relaxation paradise in Costa Rica. But no two coastal villages here are the same. 

Playa Guiones: The Main Beach

  • White sand
  • Surfing Spot (intermediate-advanced, beginners on low tide)
  • Amenities (hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops)
  • A place for yoga retreat

Playa Guiones is the main beach of Nosara. It is six kilometers of heavenly white sand. You will find most of the major hotels, restaurants, cafes, and surf shops here. It is also famous as a great place for yoga retreats.

The shore’s steady swells in the Guiones area make it a popular destination for surfers. Best for intermediate to advanced surfers. Meanwhile, beginners can try their luck during low tide. Even during the peak season, the long stretch of beach guarantees a private spot for everyone. The peak season here is between January and March. The expansive coastline and amenities make it popular among both locals and visitors.

Playa Nosara: The Peaceful Beach

  • Dark sand
  • Surfing Spot (intermediate-advanced)
  • The least crowded

As if the Nosara area couldn’t be any more tranquil, this beach is more peaceful and secluded than others. A popular hangout for surfers who appreciate catching big barrels. For intermediate to experienced surfers, this is the ideal place.

It’s also ideal for those seeking more peace and serenity. This while taking in Costa Rica’s natural splendor. The beach is darkish here. It spans from the Ostional Wildlife Refuge to Punta Nosara, all the way to the mouth of the Boca Nosara river.

Playa Pelada: The Swimming Spot

  • Shell-strewn beach
  • Bathing and swimming spot
  • Surfing spot (when the surf is good)
  • Blowholes in the rocks

Between Playa Guiones and Playa Nosara lies this beach. This location is ideal for swimming. On days when the surf is excellent, it may be packed with surfers. 

The barrels here are not consistent. But when there is an incoming high tide, there are some great ones from the northern swells.

Aside from swimming, the place has a unique feature that many enjoy. There are blowholes in the rocks here where you can shower. The place is a preferred swimming spot. The area is protected and sheltered by an offshore reef. 

Playa Garza: Authentic Local Beach Vibe

  • Light gray sand
  • Bathing and swimming spot (safe and shaded)
  • Snorkeling, diving, kayaking, standup paddling, fishing
  • Cozy places to stay
  • Excellent local cuisine

The crescent-shaped Playa Garza is a natural harbor. The local fishing industry is based in the bay. Because it is close to other popular beaches, it is growing in popularity. Many people who pass by can’t help but be enchanted by its crystal blue seas. It also has a true beach-town atmosphere. Despite its popularity, this location is never congested.

Complementing the real Tico beach atmosphere are the cozy homes. They are available for both tourists and those who want to invest in properties here. The neighborhood is the closest you can get to experiencing the real Tico beach vibe. They have access to fresh seafood here, thanks to local fish markets in the vicinity. The town is well-known for its exquisite home-cooked fish dishes.

Playa Ostional: Amazing Wildlife

  • Black-sand beach
  • Surfing spot
  • Wildlife refuge

This beach is best known for being a major nesting ground for turtles in Costa Rica. Ridley sea turtles and leatherback turtles are seen here. Because of that, the area is protected as a sea turtle conservation area. 

Playa Ostional is a must-see beach for surfers and nature lovers alike. This is where you may witness nature’s splendor in all its majesty. The nicest part of the trip is watching the turtles lay their eggs and watching the babies hatch. Witness their first steps into the water. Be among the lucky ones to tell the story of Costa Rica’s ecological wonders.

Playa Ostional is more than simply a beach. It is proof that this lovely country is one of the most beautiful tropical countries in the world. And that is a result of its efforts to preserve and protect nature.

Lifestyle and Culture in Nosara Costa Rica

People want to visit Nosara because it is popular among health-conscious people. Those who make wellness a priority. Yoga studios abound in this city. Multiple day retreats, teacher training, and yoga lessons are among the services available. 

Nosara is also well-known for its excellent wave-catching opportunities. Surfing is a very popular sport in this region. Yoga and surfing are popular pastimes in this area. This is where relaxation and healthy outdoor activities come together. That built communities focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. Nosara is one of many remarkable spots in Costa Rica that has the genuine Pura Vida vibe.

Find Your Dream Home

Finding a place to live in Nosara is both a challenge and a pleasurable journey. The communities here are incredibly wonderful, each with its own different character. It is up to you to decide where you want to unroll your yoga mat. Because the real estate market is so large in this area, there are many options.

Many people have realized that this is the ideal spot for retirement and a more peaceful way of life. Being in a community of people who have the same objective of living in harmony is invaluable. Many people go to considerable lengths to find their own little place to be a part of these communities.

Choose the perfect views you want to see daily. You are not limited with your options here. Beach view, ocean view, mountain view, you’ll find a property that may have one or all those. It’s a safe community where expats thrive and find their own little heaven in the tropics.

Try Century21 Pura Vida’s advanced search tools to find a house and other types of property in Nosara. You can also search for other places in Costa Rica and find your dream property. 

Choose Nosara to retire and live the Pura Vida lifestyle

There are reasons why people prefer Nosara to other gorgeous Costa Rica places. It’s an excellent place to go if you want to live a calm, healthy life. Some retire here because they wish to commit to the Pura Vida lifestyle. What better way to achieve this than to be one with nature and enjoy magnificent beaches? More significantly, you’ll find communities and services here that promote your well-being. There are many yoga studios and other healthy activities to do under the sun. This is a fantastic spot for meeting the locals. Learn about their authentic culture and fully embrace the Pura Vida philosophy. 

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