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How To Sell Your Costa Rica Property Faster

Investing in a property in Costa Rica may have been one of your best decisions. But what happens when your best option is to sell it? This is a common question among those who own properties in Costa Rica. Fortunately, there are different paths you can take. There are several options available to help you sell your property quickly. Here are three ways to sell your Costa Rica property. 

Property Owners Should Prepare Their Costa Rica Real Estate for Potential Buyers 

Get your property ready to sell.

Because you’ve had your home for a long time, you may be overly familiar with it. However, you may need to brush up on all the specifics. Examine every nook and cranny of your home and pay close attention to the smallest things. Look for anything that needs to be fixed. There are several things you may do to make it attractive and visually appealing.

Add curb appeal and try these things.

You may make a few improvements to the outside of your property. It will not set you back a lot of money, but it will help you attract more customers. The curb appeal of your home will be the first thing visitors notice. This refers to your home’s aesthetic appeal from the outside.

  • Update your gardening. It’s an instant facelift. This area may be used by several purchasers to enter the property.
  • Power wash your driveway and sidewalks. To potential buyers, a gleaming exterior shouts “well-maintained.” Of course, keep your grass in good shape and keep the shrubs trimmed.
  • Choose the perfect location for a relaxing sitting area. It quickly makes the atmosphere warm and inviting. Arrange the sitting area such that it faces the nicest view. This way, visitors can get a sense of the property’s overall vibe.

Declutter and depersonalize living areas.

Less is more when it comes to displaying the home to potential buyers. It feels more spacious when you have less stuff. Buyers may also readily see how they want to use the rooms for their own purposes. Show the beauty of the place rather than your own personalization. You should target a wide range of potential buyers. So, make things appealing to the majority rather than very specific people.

High-value objects should also be kept hidden. There will be many people coming and going to your house. You should protect items that require special attention.

When repainting, stick to neutral hues.

Picking very specific colors can attract specific buyers. But the key to finding buyers faster is to make it appealing to a wide range of people. If you need a fresh coat of paint to invigorate the room, it is best to go with a neutral color.

Neutral hues work well as a canvas as well. The space will be more adaptable. Buyers will be able to see the potential of the place more easily. Just give a neutral canvas to someone who has a strong color preference. They can quickly find it where they want it later on.

Decide on a good price to sell.

This might be challenging for someone unfamiliar with Costa Rica real estate. You must be able to compare prices in the current market to how much they sold for in the past. However, acquiring this information in Costa Rica is challenging and you might need a help of an escrow company. You are free to conduct your own study. You might also hire an appraiser to help you.

Sell your property with the help of a Costa Rica real estate agent

Sell your property with the help of a Costa Rica real estate agent

The real estate agent should be provided with all the necessary information. Hire a real estate broker who has professional experience selling properties like yours. He/she should be familiar with the selling process involved in the local market.

Chances are they already have contacts and prospect buyers. 

They are well-versed in market prices and competition.  The knowledge allows them to promote your home as the finest option in the market. Feel free to take advantage of this experience. Ask to be informed about local real estate for sale in the market market.

They can get your property listed on the local property listings or local MLS. 

Most homes are easily found by potential purchasers via the MLS. This would need the use of photographs and a detailed description of your property. 

Take high-quality photographs that will pique the interest of potential purchasers. 

For real estate photography, wide-angle cameras are ideal. Lighting should be provided in all areas and rooms. It’s ideal to include photos that demonstrate the sort of property you have. Also, it should capture its most appealing characteristics. So, if you have a beachfront property, show the angle of the home where it showcases a beachfront. 

Professional real estate photographers are also available for hire. Your real estate service agent may also assist you in putting all of this together. A good agent can put you ahead of the competition with a well-crafted listing. 

Sell your Costa Rica home by providing your agent with the following:

  1. Your Costa Rican property’s precise location
  2. Property number — this is called Folio Real number or Matricula in Costa Rica
  3. Owner’s basic information (name, passport number, company name, corporation ID number)
  4. Copy of survey map or Plano Catastrado

Sellers can also advertise their Costa Rica property online

Advertising is one of the most common alternatives in today’s market. Everyone is online and will most likely go online first when looking for a home to buy. So, you should include your property in an online directory.

It is safe to put your property on the platforms of Airbnb or Google Maps. 

Advertising by themselves is a common alternative. But this is a good option only among people who can sell their own home quickly. They are well-versed in the whole procedure, even with the legalities involved. 

You may also use a local real estate website to list your home. 

Local real estate company Century21 Pura Vida has a comprehensive property database. Buyers use the site’s mapping and search functions. This is where they can find their ideal investment property. You can list your property here. For more information about selling your home, please contact us.

Real estate agents continue to play a valuable role. They help purchasers discover their perfect investment property in Costa Rica. However, before speaking with one, buyers conduct a preliminary study first.

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 92 percent of house buyers start their search on the internet. You’ll lose out on a lot of possibilities to sell your house if you can’t be discovered online.

Use social media to connect with prospective buyers

Use social media to connect with prospective buyers

Further findings by the NAR study show that most realtors use social media in various ways to get leads and close deals.

Social Media Content Ideas for Realtors

  1. Highly visual content such as property photos
  2. Video tour of the property
  3. Client testimonials
  4. Success stories
  5. Company milestones
  6. New property listings
  7. Real estate market news
  8. Cover live events
  9. Home tips and ideas
  10. Renovation tips

If used correctly, social media may be an excellent tool for marketing your home. It’s an excellent method to engage with buyers and highlight what your home has to offer. Realtors that use social media have an edge in terms of reputation and authority in the sector. They can put your property in front of an ever-expanding audience.

When selling your Costa Rica property, consider a variety of approaches.

These are the fundamental yet critical steps to having your home viewed by buyers. It is critical to widen your audience reach. Potential clientele for Costa Rican real estate is not limited to locals. It can include buyers from all over the world.

Real estate brokers can help the seller find the right clients. They have different platforms to do so. Established real estate companies like Century21 Pura Vida have a website. The website features the most beautiful properties in the country. Being listed in one such big directory gives your property an edge. Get listed along with the top sought-after properties.  Clients search here first. They also trust agents and real estate firms with proven professional expertise. Often they feel safer working with them than directly approaching anyone. Some won’t directly approach buyers themselves. Working with specialists also provides both the seller and the buyer with some assurance about legal issues.

As a property owner looking to seal the deal, keep in mind that the buyers out there want to get a great deal as well. It is critical to position your home as one of the finest offers available. You should perform your own homework. Most buyers have done so before moving forward with locating a property investment.

Determine market prices and be competitive. It’s not about decreasing the price of your home. That may also communicate the impression that it’s too good to be true. Make an effort to highlight the worth of your property by pricing it appropriately.

Selling real estate may be difficult regardless of where you are on the globe. The good news is Costa Rica is a popular destination for real estate investments. It’s a welcoming country for foreign investors. Working with someone who knows Costa Rica like the back of their hand may make things a whole lot simpler. It is worthwhile to acquire local knowledge to help you make faster sales. It can help you navigate the entire process more smoothly.

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