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Golfito Costa Rica Real Estate: Paradise Found

Few people outside of Costa Rica are aware of the hidden beauty of Golfito. This secluded paradise is the perfect place to get away from it all. And what better way to do that than to buy your own slice of paradise? With its pristine beaches and lush rainforests, Golfito is the perfect place to call home. So if you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, look no further than Golfito Costa Rica real estate. In this article, we’ll get you acquainted with this underrated port town.

Costa Rica’s Golfito region is a real estate paradise

It’s impossible to overstate how idyllic Golfito is for a small port town. Located on the southern Pacific Coast, this region is an undiscovered gem. It is only known to those who are willing to go the extra distance.

Situated near the border of Panama, Golfito is situated along a small gulf within a larger one. The literal translation of Golfito is the little gulf. The town is protected by a small gulf that is just a part of the larger gulf called Golfo Dulce. In the southernmost part of the country, Golfito is in the province of Puntarenas.

The small Golfito Bay is separated from the Pacific Ocean by the Osa Peninsula. Ferry boats cross the Golfo Dulce from Golfito to access both Osa Peninsula and  Corcovado National Park.

The town of Golfito is a narrow strip of land between the bay and the hills. In the northern section of Golfito lies the old headquarters of the United Fruit Company. The trails found here go up to the Golfito Mixed Wildlife Refuge. 

Reasons to buy property in Golfito

As with many well-known locations in Costa Rica, Golfito can boast its natural beauty. Instead, this port town prefers to sit peacefully undisturbed. Many appreciate the quietness and see opportunities where the market is not oversaturated. It is a wonderful location for its real estate market. 

If you are unfamiliar with the amazing opportunities in this place, especially post-pandemic, here are what makes Golfito really worth considering as an investment. See what this port town known as the sweet gulf in southern Costa Rica has to offer. 

Duty-free zone

After the United Fruit Company pulled out from Golfito in 1985, a dramatic shift happened. They turned over most real estate owned by the company to the government of Costa Rica. The company moved to Ecuador to avoid tax and labor disputes in the country. There was an economic depression after that, leaving many in poverty in this region.

The government then saw an opportunity to help generate jobs with the opening of the duty-free shopping zone five years later. Costa Ricans were allowed to buy imported goods which requires an overnight stay in Golfito. Thus supporting hotel and restaurant businesses as well as starting up tourism in the area. Before, Costa Ricans are allowed to buy $500 of imported items free of import duties every 6 months. That is 5-70% off duties. It has eventually increased to $1000 every 6 months encouraging more visitors and a burgeoning tourism industry. The duty-free zone stabilized the economy of Golfito. 

Natural beauty

Golfito stands out as one of Costa Rica’s loveliest small villages. This adorable little town offers everything you might want, including pizza, seafood, shopping, and excellent lodging. However, Golfito’s allure extends far beyond the surface of the land upon which it was erected.

Golfito’s tranquil tiny harbor is what gives the area its natural charm; it is encompassed by a massive Golfo Dulce. The small town’s peculiar atmosphere can be ascribed to just how humbled it is by the grandeur that surrounds it.

Five national eco parks are located near the town, which is surrounded by numerous natural wonders and wildlife. A fantastic location for nature enthusiasts, the town has plenty of botanical gardens and wildlife reserves, all these while offering a breathtaking view of the majestic Pacific ocean.

Here are the five eco parks you can find around Golfito:

  • Tierra Sierpe National Wetlands
  • The Reservá Forestal Golfo Dulce
  • Parque Nacional Corcovado
  • Parque Nacional Piedras Blanco
  • Parque Nacional La Amistad

The marina

Golfito is the home of a new marina called the Marina Bahia Golfito. The marina is one of the premier facilities in Costa Rica attracting many sports fishing enthusiasts and sailors. The marina features 45 slips that are protected from the Pacific ocean swells and Atlantic hurricanes by the mangroves and the lush Golfito rainforest. 

Superyachts and other sea vessels of a length of 20 to 350 feet can dock at the marina. It includes nine specially designed super yacht berths for yachts up to 350′ with a maximum draft of 29′.

The fuel dock at Marina Bahia Golfito is 235 feet long, and its gasoline dispenser is reputed to be the fastest in the region. The Golfito Marina Village Development is also something to consider when planning to invest in this area.

World-class fishing

Golfito not only offers fantastic services to yacht owners but also, especially for visitors includes a good number of big sports fishing enthusiasts. The place is a great spot for catching Pacific sailfish and other species. 

Robert McGuinness, an avid angler discovered Golfito for its potential for sports fishing. He built a sports fishing charter in Golfito and trained locals as well as his sons Donald and Bobby.

After his death from an airline accident, he passed on the legacy to his sons who became successful captains, as well as to the rest of Golfito. Golfito became a popular sports fishing destination all over the world. 

There is inshore and offshore fishing in Golfito. The variety of species that can be caught in both inland and offshore saltwater makes the combination a favorite among anglers. Included in this are various Snapper species such as the Cubera, Colorado, Red, Mullet, and Spotted Rosy. Along with these species, you can expect to catch Roosterfish, Grouper, Pompano, Jack, Mackerel, Shark, small Barracuda, and more.

Friendly locals

Despite being remote, Golfito has approachable and pleasant residents, like most of Costa Rica. They are more than happy to assist you in getting around because they are accustomed to receiving guests from many countries.

Locals are friendly in this little town where everyone knows each other. Similar to other welcoming communities, everyone should exercise caution whether they are visitors or new to the area. However, if you get to know Golfito and find it to be too familiar and dear to your heart, it is simple to blend in with the residents who are relaxing and going about their daily lives.

Neighboring areas 

Golfito is known for being the gateway to Pavones. Pavones is a surfing mecca known for its massive swells. Many tourists come here to surf or enjoy nature treks. Adventure of such sort is abundant here. 

Spectacular National Parks like Corcovado and La Amistad are just around the corner. If you’re looking for something different, consider visiting nearby towns like San Vito and Guanacaste which is just 4 hours away. The pizza was a treat, and it has a lot of Italian cultural influences.

Types of properties available in Golfito

Now is the perfect time to reconsider Golfito if had known it before. The use of properties here has been greatly changed post-pandemic. Rentals who use to prefer short-term vacations have seen the advantages of having tenants for the long term. Revenues are more stable this way.

In another way of seeing it, Golfito has a renewed interest for more and more people who are now seeing the beauty of remote places like this. A remote place with a welcoming neighborhood is preferred by some, but some visitors are often hesitant because it might mean the lack of some amenities too. This is not the same for Golfito. 

Golfito is not to be overlooked if you value dining options, cozy lodging, excellent services, and shopping. It has the best there is. It is a growing town so you can expect more in the future as more and more people take advantage of being away from the hustle and bustle and still enjoying all of the amenities. 

You can find commercial real estate for business here. You might be looking for waterfront property. Or maybe a single-family house in the best neighborhood. You can all find them here.

Some have a view of Golfito Bay of the Golfo Dulce and its calm waters, perfect for nature lovers. If you are looking for land for sale, there are also some properties that are available. Just Search the latest listings and might get lucky finding land near the beach for a good price. 

Golfito Costa Rica is the perfect place to buy your Costa Rican dream property

You need not hesitate if you want the quiet and tranquility of a community like Golfito because it offers you all you need to live that way. Golfito is still developing, and you may contribute to this development by creating more possibilities for the locals as you pursue your own opportunities in a desirable community. It’s no small feat to have a town with a top-notch waterfront and duty-free shopping. It is simply fascinating to expect it from a small harbor hamlet. But Golfito is Golfito, a small town that offers a great deal of opportunity to new owners who decide to live here and become the captain of their own destiny.

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