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What Living On The Gold Coast Costa Rica Is Really Like

The gold coast fantasy is a reality in Costa Rica. Many individuals aspire to reside close to tranquil beaches like Costa Rica’s gold coast. This beautiful country has its own version of the gold coast, replete with warm weather and water sports. The region is dotted with lively settlements, each offering special delights. We urge you to stay and consider this paradise your home.

The gold coast of Costa Rica is the province of Guanacaste. This region is home to charming and enchanting towns with spectacular natural beauty. You can live surrounded by tropical rainforest, lush greens, mountains with a view, or the crowd’s favorite, the bays, and the beaches. 

In this guide, let’s explore the gold coast of Costa Rica and its towns. We’ll give you an idea of what it is like to live here. We’ll also talk about the things you should consider before you finally embark on fulfilling your gold coast dream here in Costa Rica. 

The Gold Coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

What makes the gold coast in Costa Rica such a great place to visit? There are plenty of reasons why you should consider visiting the area and the beautiful beaches is one of them.

The region has become a major tourist destination over the last decade. In fact, Tamarindo Beach alone receives millions of visitors each year. This number continues to rise every year.

Several things make the gold coast in Costa Rica unique. For starters, it boasts the most stunning beaches. 

Flamingo Beach

Playa Flamingo stands out as a quaint coastal community with a gorgeous crescent shape that is home to upscale lodging and an exceptional marina.

Playa Flamingo, known for its immaculate soft white sand beach, this Central American coastal paradise is unsurpassed. Additionally, it is surrounded by some of Costa Rica’s most stunning beaches. Coming here provides you with more to discover. There are numerous amenities and activities available to you in Playa Flamingo. It is a small community that has all the amenities you could ever want and is conveniently located near other beaches.

Tamarindo Beach

One of Costa Rica’s most popular seaside destinations is Playa Tamarindo. It is a busy surf town that was formerly a fishing village and is now renowned as the surfing mecca. Numerous water sports will keep you busy, and you can close the day by mixing it up with the lively, friendly crowd at night.

Along with its many water sports activities, Tamarindo is well-known for its vibrant nightlife. It is easy to find your choice of a boutique hotel, beach club, restaurant, and pub here.

Even though this is a popular tourist destination, it is not as commercialized as you might think. The genuine beach town atmosphere that everyone adores in Costa Rican coastal towns is still here in this vivacious, pleasant beach town.

Coco Beach

Playas del Coco in the Guanacaste Province is one of the best beaches to enjoy both great ocean views and live music. It is a great spot for spectacular marine life and hence a popular spot for scuba diving and deep diving, as well as fishing.

The beach is well-known throughout the entire country for its vibrant nightlife. It is a popular personal preference among many to come here to party at night while savoring delicious food and live music. This location also provides several mid-range options for lodging.

Hermosa Beach

Playa Hermosa means beautiful beach and it perfectly suits to describe Playa Hermosa. The beach has calm waters. Upscale dining is just a walking distance away from the tranquil beach. It is a personal preference among families to come here because this place is not so crowded.

Even if there isn’t much in the way of nightlife there, Playas del Coco, its neighbor, is only a short distance away. The trip to Liberia International Airport only takes 30 minutes. It’s a haven for comfort, serenity, and relaxation.

Conchal Beach

Playa Conchal, located in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, is a stunningly beautiful beach that has so much to offer. Its name is derived from its naturally occurring white shells and quartz stones that cover the beach making it look like millions of sparkling jewels have been scattered across the sand. The unique qualities of Conchal Beach make it a must-visit for any traveler to Costa Rica.

Potrero Beach

Playa Potrero is located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and it is a unique beach destination for adventurers, families, and beach-goers alike. It offers visitors an up close and personal experience with nature, without a lot of people around. Known for its mesmerizing sunsets, sport fishing, diving, and sailing, Potrero Beach has something to offer everyone. 

The nearby Playa Flamingo area is full of activities such as fishing charters, snorkeling trips, and scuba diving adventures. Several small islands just off the coast can be explored by boat or kayak. For those who want to stay dry on land, there are some great hiking trails in the area that take you through rainforests and mangroves teeming with wildlife.

Grande Beach

Although it is part of a protected wildlife refuge, Playa Grande also offers an array of activities for tourists looking to have a good time. The area is home to many species of wildlife, including the endangered giant Leatherback sea turtle. 

The beach is part of Las Baulas National Park, which was created to provide protection and conservation efforts for the Leatherback turtles that lay their eggs there each year.

Main cities of Costa Rica’s gold coast

Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province is what has been revered as the gold coast of Central America. It is divided into 11 main cities or cantons. Let’s do a brief overview of each town and what they are known for.

Liberia, capital of Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Liberia is the largest city in Guanacaste. It stands as the capital of the province. It has Liberia Airport, one of the two international airports in the country. Liberia is located in the heart of Guanacaste and is close to many attractions like Santa Rosa National Park.

The White City is the moniker given to this location because it originally had white gravel on its streets and residences. The Immaculate Church of Concepcion de Maria, which is distinctly white and is located inside the grounds of Parque Mario Casas Ruiz, is located in the city’s historic center.

Many people visiting Guanacaste province will start in Liberia because of the international airport, but there is so much to do and see that they may never travel more than an hour away.

Nicoya, an endless summer paradise

The Nicoya Peninsula is the epicenter of well-being. Nicoya, which is on the gold coast, is home to several gorgeous beaches where visitors may take advantage of the long, sunny days. It’s the perfect spot for nature activities such as horseback riding and canopy tours and is home to the more than 40 limestone caverns of Barra Honda Caverns National Park

The Nicoya Peninsula is home to Nosara. is Nosara is one of the few Blue Zones in the entire world. It is known as the healthiest place to live in the world and is where many centenarians live as proof. 

Santa Cruz, for those who want to visit Tamarindo

This area is well known for its vibrant celebrations. Santa Cruz has been designated as Costa Rica’s National Folklore City by the Central American Institute of Tourism.

The vibrant culture of Costa Rica, with its festivals, rodeos, and dances, is best experienced here. Additionally, it’s a popular spot to enjoy traditional and authentic Costa Rican cuisine.

The popular town of Tamarindo is one of the districts of Santa Cruz canton. It is known for its world-class waves, vibrant beach town vibe, and nightlife. 

Bagaces, beautiful waterfalls, and hot springs

Two mighty rivers define the beautiful scenery of Bagaces. This friendly town has the Rio Salto river on the west and Rio Tenorio on the east. The nearby active volcanoes produce great natural hot springs.

Carrillo, Filadelfia, an archeologist’s paradise

With its head city in the district of Filadelfia. This canton is interestingly shaped like a boot surrounded and decorated by three rivers: Tempisque River, Cañas River, and Bolsón River. 

The place is also known as the National Archaeological Region. It is the center of archeological research for it has yielded many archeological finds from thousands of years ago. 

Cañas, a quiet cowboy town

Located just off the Pan American Highway is the quiet village of Cañas. It’s a relaxed town with an interesting church made of colorful mosaics. It’s a favorite stop of tourists going to the Palo Verde National Park or the Tenorio Volcano. A great place to see everyday Ticos (as Costa Ricans refer to themselves) on a horseback ride.

Abangares, Las Juntas, city of gold

The nation’s longest-running mining tradition is located in Abangares. This area has a long history of gold mining. It has the biggest gold mine Costa Rica has ever had.

Tilarán, gateway to Arenal

This village is a quickly developing tourist destination for visitors that embark on adventures to Lake Arenal. This area is a significant farming area for the region’s production of coffee, peanuts, and macadamia nuts as well as cattle and horse ranches. An excellent area to stay if you appreciate cool, pleasant weather and a relaxed lifestyle close to activity hubs like Lake Arenal and the famous Arenal Volcano.

Nandayure, Carmona, get off the beaten path

Nandayure has a piece of coastline  Gulf of Nicoya near the mouth of the Tempisque River. The place cuts across the Nicoya Peninsula and is home to several small towns and plenty of remote wilderness to explore. Here you’ll likely have more howler monkeys as neighbors than people.

La Cruz, surfing, and natural beauty

La Cruz is a hilltop town with a peaceful ambiance. It is also a good place to surf. The place has the closest proximity to the famed Santa Rosa National Park, which along with many of the other national parks in the area makes up the Guanacaste Conservation Area. Every national park in this zone was so beautiful and biodiverse that the entire area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hojancha, a clean eco-paradise

This town is on the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was awarded the Eco-Blue Flag for being one of the cleanest places in Costa Rica. Honjancha’s name came from a wide-leaf tree that can be found in the area.


The longest dry season in Costa Rica is in Guanacaste. The temperature can rise over 100 F in March and April. But during the rainy season, it can become extremely humid. September and October are rainy months in Guanacaste.

There are benefits to staying in Guanacaste province during the wet seasons, even though it is customary for many people to travel to Costa Rica during the dry season. It’s peaceful and a little chilly. Go when the others aren’t if you want to appreciate this paradise completely alone and without the throng. You’ll discover that traveling in the rainy season is also less expensive.

Living on the Costa Rica gold coast is a privilege. Although it is well known for its beaches and water sports, the entire scene is just different rain or shine. Observing how the landscape unfolds its splendor, whether it’s sunny or raining, is just so different here.

Activities to do on a rainy day

Costa Rica for the most part is a popular tourist destination during the dry season. Special places like Costa Rica’s gold coast are fine examples of places where you get the most out of your summertime in the tropics.

Popular activities during the dry season are quite predictable. This includes swimming, surfing, watersports, and nature trips. What is uncommon to experience here is the wide range of things you can do when it is rainy season.

In addition to avoiding high season costs, this is where you can experience the rest of Costa Rica’s and the gold coast’s natural beauty, which most tourists miss. You’ll also get to experience Costa Rica’s warm summer showers if you come here in the wet season. Enjoy the gold coast every day, all day, and throughout the year.

You’ll be surprised by how much of the gold coast you can enjoy during the rainy season. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The best days of mindfulness and relaxation

There are some days that the Costa Rica gold coast will require you to stay home and see its varying hues. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the comfort and warmth of your vacation villa or the simple apartment or bungalow you decided to stay in or probably live in for good. 

Part of living in Costa Rica is to fully be present where you are. Take in the beauty that surrounds you and the warmth of what you now call your home. Here in Costa Rica, an opportunity to slow down is a blessing and sometimes the rain brings that, disguised as the watery chill to wash everything on the surface for you to focus on the inside.

It’s a nice time for shopping

You likely will also receive the best prices when shopping, so the finest offers don’t just apply to lodging costs. When you have only shopping on your to-do list for the day, it could also be the greatest time for a more leisurely shopping experience.  As for shopping, it will be pleasant. At this time of year, there won’t be many crowds of people around.

Get a massage and experience wellness in Costa Rica

Relaxation and wellness are taken seriously in Costa Rica. Give your body some TLC with a rejuvenating body massage. This season may not be the peak of activities in Costa Rica, but it’s the peak time for self-love and wellness. Recharge from your active lifestyle or activity-filled vacation. Love the body that takes you places, especially if it brought you to this exciting tropical paradise. 

Costa Rica is home to luxury spas and wellness centers. This country known for its biodiversity and ecofriendliness has a common practice of using all-natural spa ingredients. 

Try the thermal spas that are an amazing experience, rain or shine. Experience tranquility differently as the natural hot springs warm and comfort your body while it rains. 

Tour the rainforest after the rain

Believe it or not, touring the rainforest in a different season would give you an entirely different experience. The rainy season will show you well-nourished and wiped-clean flora, with the promise of new leaves reminding you of the ever-growing and thriving earth in this part of the world. 

It’s a perfect grounding experience to be connected to everything that is well-nurtured and ever-growing. It’s also amazing to realize how Costa Rica works with nature to preserve and allow nature to prosper in beauty and splendor.

Dig into delicious food 

Enjoy Costa Rica’s regional foods. The rain gives us an excuse to eat well and linger in the cozy, pleasant, and friendly atmosphere of restaurants all across Guanacaste. Try the fruit juices, tamales, ceviche, and Gallo pinto. Your palate can choose from a wide assortment of foods.

Every town typically has some renowned culinary tradition, whether it is local or international. Make sure you begin your exploration from your current location to avoid missing any commonly surprising restaurants that might be able to satisfy your appetite or give you excellent comfort food.

Visit popular spots

If you’re in Costa Rica during the lean season. It’s the best time to be at popular tourist spots where the crowds flock during peak season. It’s for an obvious reason. They won’t be the same during the rainy season.  

Visit national parks in the Guanacaste or the popular beaches. Even if it’s the rainy season, there is still food and plenty of activities to enjoy in these popular spots. And you are likely to get the experience at a cheaper price during the low season. Visit Playa Tamarindo, Playa Concha, and the Flamingo Beach. These are just a few Guanacaste beaches on the beautiful Pacific Coast.

Watersports and ATV rides

Although you might not think the weather is right for surfing, if you are an experienced surfer, the tubes will keep you occupied. They never stop, giving you an even more exhilarating experience. Whitewater rafting is similar. This may be your best season if you enjoy the challenge and the wildness of navigating the rapids because the scenery along the river is at its most beautiful and glorious. 

ATV rides are also never dull during the rainy season because they are muddier and more enjoyable. There are numerous waterfalls along the route that might help you clean up. You wouldn’t mind that though if you enjoy doing this pastime.

The best time to witness turtle nesting

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the olive Riddley turtles arrive in great numbers if you’re in Costa Rica between June and October. It’s known as arribada. Witnessing the wonders of nature as turtles coordinate their movements to reach one nesting site is a one-of-a-kind experience. 

See the whales

It is also during this time, July to September when it is a great time to watch the whales in the Pacific. Head to Gulf Papagayo. Or you can go to the northern part of the Osa Peninsula to Drake Bay or the Marino Ballena National Park.

Renting: prices, what to expect

In Guanacaste, lodging and holiday rentals are simple to come by. Every city, even the smaller and more remote ones, has something to offer. What you find comfortable truly depends on your preferences. However, on the gold coast side, you’ll typically have a lot of options.

You can choose hotel accommodation or short-term rental. The latter is like owning a second home. It is the most preferred among those who are staying in Costa Rica for at least a month and more. 

Why people rent

It’s a different experience to have a place to stay and sleep than actually renting a place that you can call your second home. You can experience living in your place in Costa Rica as the locals do. Even if it’s just for a month or so. Renting an apartment or a house gives you more privacy and freedom to experience Costa Rica as you would if you are living here and not just on a vacation. But of course, if you love it that much, it is possible to move to Costa Rica for good. Or maybe own a vacation home for when you come back here for your favorite times of the year.

Guanacaste is a fairly safe place to rent a standalone house, an apartment, a condominium unit, and even a luxury villa. There are various places in Guanacaste where many affluents have built their vacation houses on. And usually, they are renting these to tourists. Often we can expect these places to be in prime locations. However, there are many hidden gems of Guanacaste. These are places that are not as expensive but unknown to many is an absolutely beautiful locations.  

Rental cost

A one-bedroom apartment can cost around $800 or double that price depending on the location. There are prime locations in Guanacaste, of course. Whether it is an apartment, a detached house, or a luxury villa, they would cost more. A bigger apartment with around 3 bedrooms would cost around $2000. And houses from $2000 to $6000 and up. Luxury apartments and villas would cost thousands more.

It is very important to plan out where you will stay with your priorities. Determine the places that you would like to be at the most. You can also stay somewhere near where everything’s at. There are nearby towns that will give you cheaper options while still having the convenience of easily accessing amenities and places you like to be.

There are plenty of little quiet towns that have an allure of their own in Guanacaste. They are gateways to touristy spots. Or they may have surprises of their own for you to discover. Overall, Guanacaste has so many options for any budget and preferences.

You should also look outside Guanacaste’s tourist hotspots if you intend to become one of the homeowners and possibly a vacation rental landlord yourself. Discover hidden gems that can be excellent choices for individuals who want to experience Costa Rica in its entirety without sacrificing convenience.

Benefits of residing on the gold coast

If you’re thinking about making the gold coast your permanent home, temporary home, or holiday house, you should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. Here are a few key points to keep in mind.

A more affordable, comfortable living

Compared to how you might spend money in the US, your money can go a long way here. But we didn’t say that living here was inexpensive. This tropical country can offer both natural wonders and facilities at par with expensive destinations throughout the globe. Only when compared to them is it less expensive

Numerous luxury residences are available

If cost is not an issue, there are a lot of high-end properties here that you can call your second home. They’d always have a fantastic community, world-class amenities, and the best scenic views you’d want to wake up to every day.

Amazing ex-pat communities

The ex-pat communities here are awesome. With friendly locals and good supportive ex-pat communities, your transition if ever you decide to live here won’t be as difficult. Although the experiences of foreign people living here won’t all be the same, they are generally pleasant. Again, the crucial part is during the decision-making process. Are you cut for a dreamy tropical country to live in all your life? Are you willing to learn the challenges that can come along the way?

Buy beachfront properties cheaper than the Caribbean side

Properties in the gold coast Guanacaste are cheaper than the Caribbean side of the country.

There are numerous gorgeous beachside homes to choose from. To be aware of the best locations and deals, you should be somewhat familiar with the Guanacaste area.

Costa Rica’s green policies

To save Costa Rica’s natural wonders, the government has green policies in place. You can rely on this country to remain stable despite its continued expansion and development.

Developing communities in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Guanacaste has a lot of fast-growing communities with great potential. Developing towns provide great opportunities to invest and guarantee high profits.

Healthy living

The gold coast of Costa Rica is one of the top areas in the world for leading a healthy lifestyle. Here is one of the most beautiful and healthy places to retire. Many centenarians live there and are home to one of the world’s blue zones.

Costa Rica’s gold coast is like no other

In conclusion, living on the gold coast of Costa Rica is an experience unlike any other. With its stunning beaches, amazing weather, and friendly locals, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this place home. If you’re thinking of making the move, be sure to explore all that the gold coast has to offer – you won’t be disappointed. Pura Vida!

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