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Esterillos Costa Rica Real Estate: Escape to The Land of Adventure and Calm

Esterillos is a short distance from Jaco, which is the people’s favorite. Find out what is special about this place. Esterillos is home to several hidden treasures. This exotic location is just several minutes away from everything. Those several minutes, though, make all the difference. You may experience Jaco’s amazing social scene. And at the same time, enjoy the serenity and isolation without having to travel far. In Esterillos, it is all possible in this quiet beach town.

Beauty From All Directions

The picturesque beach of Esterillos is about 20 minutes south of Jaco. The beach here is divided into three. We have Esterillos Este in the East, Esterillos Oeste in the West, and Esterillos Centro. Esterillos Oeste offers a rugged charm with a twist. It’s because, despite the area being underdeveloped, you will find many amenities there.  That includes hotels, boutiques, and luxury homes.  

Near the rocky point on the north side of Esterillos lies a charming fishing town. The estuary is located at the south end. Esterillos was founded on the discovery of this estuary. Esterillos is made up of three communities. Esterillos Este, Esterillos Centro, and Esterillos Oeste make up the Esterillos. Esterillos Oeste is the largest of these three. The majority of the amenities are available there.

Esterillos is in Parrita in the province of Puntarenas. The beach is located on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast. The beach of Esterillos is situated between two more well-known beaches. Esterillos is between Bejuco Beach and Hermosa Beach. Esterillos beach is one of the few beaches that remain tranquil and secluded on the Central Pacific Coast. Or alternatively, if you are into quiet mountain towns, try checking out San Ramon and indulge yourself with lush greens and breathtaking views.

The beach here is smooth brown. It’s a long stretch that goes on for miles. Although it is not the ideal beach for swimming because of the strong current, it is great for surfing. You will find a swimming spot somewhere off the beaten track though. It’s absolutely worth it when you find it.  

Getting There

Esterillos Costa Rica is a short 20 minutes south of Jaco. Reaching the destination

is pretty easy. The roads here are paved. You won’t encounter any difficulties compared to going to other exotic beaches.  

Esterillos is an underdeveloped place. It doesn’t need much development because that is the main reason why it stands out. Despite being so near touristy spots, this place is still ragged and peaceful. It’s a perfect place to escape when you want a quiet time pondering the beauty of life. It is best for people who are not a fan of commercialism and those who avoid touristy spots.  

Getting to Esterillos takes two hours from San Jose. Take Highway 27 and Costanera Sur. The rest of the road is paved except for some gravel roads near the destination. It doesn’t require a 4×4 to get here. So, it’s one thing to note that you can drive on your own. But make sure you are aware of general driving conditions in Costa Rica.  


It is also convenient to hire a private shuttle from San Jose. You can also rent a car once you’re in Esterillos to get you around since there is not much to do in the area. A rental car service is also available in Jaco. If you want to have some more activities, you can always go to nearby Jaco and Manuel Antonio. Furthermore, the restaurants and establishments in this area are a bit far. So, having your own mobility would be beneficial.

Day Weather Esterillos Este Costa Rica

Beach towns in this area in the Central Pacific have similar weather patterns. But as a guide to those who want to travel or live in Esterillos, December to April is consistently hot here. It’s because there is no rain, and it’s a perfect time to enjoy mornings and afternoons by the beach. It’s the best time to enjoy long days and the breathtaking sunset here. It’s because come May, the place gets thunderstorms in the afternoon and as early as 2 in the afternoon. It lasted for a few hours. Meanwhile, August to December can be a bit unpredictable. There are some fine days with perfect weather and there are some rainy days.  

Things to do

Many people who know Esterillos would argue that this is not the place to go if you’re looking for activities. It is more of a stop wherein you slow down and spend more quality time on one or two things for several hours. Many people enjoy the slow pace of life in this town. It is a good reason to be here.

However, it is still critical to know the things you can do here. It is an opportunity to take your time doing these things. It is rarely that modern lifestyles permit us to slow down and have some quality time.  

If you are looking for things to do in Esterillos Costa Rica, you will not be disappointed. This small town located on the Pacific Coast has the magic you’ve been looking for.

1. Relax on the beach

Esterillos has some of Costa Rica’s most stunning beaches. It is ideal for relaxing and soaking up the sun. Morning walks are recommended. Alternatively, you can take in the afternoon sunset. Its rustic Costa Rican atmosphere will make you appreciate the beach more than ever. The beach is large enough to enjoy without being surrounded by strangers. Shaded by almond trees, it’s a perfect place to lounge all day.  

2. Enjoy some adventure sports

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, there are adventure sports available here. From surfing the waves to hiking, there is something for everyone. You can also enjoy horseback riding and kayaking.  

Surfing in Esterillos Oeste is popular. Many people from Jaco or Playa Hermosa come here to surf. Meanwhile, if you want a more secluded and private place to surf, try Esterillos Este. Surfing is possible in Esterillos Centro in the mornings before it gets windy.  

Horseback riding on the beautiful beach is a fun activity for both children and adults. It’s a brilliant way to soak up the countryside’s unique vibe. This place is stunning because of the wildlife and natural scenery along the way.

3. Take in the local culture

For people who are not a fan of commercialism, Esterillos is a fantastic place. It is an incredible place to experience authentic local culture. You might as well try the home-cooked local dishes here.  

Don’t forget to go see the mermaid statue in Playa Esterillos Oeste. During low tide, you can get up close to her to take a picture. Esterillos Costa Rica Real Estate is the perfect escape. It is for anyone looking for both adventure and peace. The area offers stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and some quality activities. With the Esterillos’ abundance of natural beauty and tranquil setting, it is sure to leave a lasting impression.  


If you’re looking for good food in Esterillos, you’re in luck. There are several great dining options to choose from. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Esterillos has something to satisfy your appetite.  

Los Almendros Restaurant

Location: 3 Houses West Of The Soccer Field, Esterillos Oeste

  • Casual dining
  • Caribbean, Asian, and Costa Rican cuisine

Alma Restaurant 

Location: Alma del Pacifico Hotel & Spa,  Playa Esterillos Este

  • Beach view
  • Seafood, South American, Central American, Costa Rican cuisine

Pizzeria & Restaurante El Mana

Location: Esterillos Town Center, Esterillos Este

  • Casual dining
  • Pizza, South American, Costa Rican cuisine

Jardines Cafe Emma 

Location: Esterillos Town Center, Esterillos Este

  • Casual dining
  • Breakfast, lunch, and beverages

El Chiringuito

Location: Esterillos Town Center, Esterillos Este

  • Casual dining
  • Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean, European cuisine

Pelican Hotel and Restaurant

Location: Hwy. 34, Esterillos Este

  • Casual dining
  • Bar, Seafood, Central American, Costa Rican cuisine

If you’re looking for great food, Esterillos is the place to be. This small area has an unusually large selection of restaurants. They serve everything from Italian to Thai cuisine. If you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner for two, you’ll find a perfect place here. Or if you just want a casual meal with friends, you’ll find a restaurant that fits the bill. So next time you’re in Costa Rica, make sure to check out Esterillos. Enjoy some of the best food the country has to offer.  

Esterillos is a perfect place to enjoy quality time in a tropical paradise

There are many Esterillos hotels and accommodations located near the beach. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you will surely find a nice hotel or an apartment. Esterillos Costa Rica is a great place for an individual or a family.

The location has a distinct charm that cannot be found elsewhere. Esterillos is a must-see for anyone looking to spend quality time in Costa Rica. Its location is ideal for experiencing both Costa Rican adventure and tranquility.  

Find short-term accommodations or an amazing place to call home and start your real estate property investment near the ocean. Esterillos Costa Rica is a terrific spot to experience Costa Rican culture. This is true whether you’re simply passing through or staying for a while. Learn about the Pura Vida way of life with this great opportunity. 
Can’t get enough of Esterillos? Century21 Pura Vida has a fantastic listing of properties in Esterillos. Consider these great opportunities to own a little piece of this paradise with a unique vibe.

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