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7 Unique Things to Love about Costa Rica Playa Flamingo Real Estate

White powdery sandy beach and crystal blue waters. This world-class location is like walking into a dream. The glorious crescent-shaped beach is one kilometer of sandy bliss.  Playa Flamingo will make you realize that there is such a thing as paradise here on earth. Up close, Playa Flamingo is more than just beauty. It is also a land of opportunities. Come explore the uniqueness of this place that made it the investors’ favorite. 

Costa Rica’s Dream Property Location: Where is Playa Flamingo?

George Howarth, a Canadian investor, bought the area in the 1960s. Stories say he named the place after he thought that the roseate spoonbill was a flamingo. Another reason that the place is called that is that in certain climates, the sand turns light pink. 

Playa Flamingo is conveniently just an hour away from one of Costa Rica’s major airports. Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport (LIR) is in Liberia. It is the closest major airport to Playa Flamingo. The coastal hamlet is located on Guanacaste’s famed Gold Coast. All the roads leading to this tropical haven are paved and level. From the airport to Playa Flamingo, tourists can expect a smooth journey.

The region where Playa Flamingo belongs is the hottest and driest in Costa Rica. The waters in Playa Flamingo are always calm and warm. It is perfect and safe for families to enjoy. The best feature of these beaches is that they remain pristine and unspoiled. There is plenty of space to choose your spot. The Flamingo Beach is never crowded.

The Unique Charm of Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is like no other. The perfect vacation hideaway and the perfect place to stay. Natural splendor and human efforts combined have made this dream paradise real. These things are what make the place stand out from the rest. 

  1. The North Ridge

Here is a one-kilometer-long peninsula pointing towards the Pacific Ocean to Isla Plata. It is a spectacular natural feature of Playa Flamingo. It overlooks Potrero Bay and Potrero Beach, which are located to the north of the peninsula. It faces Brasilito Bay and Flamingo Beach to the south. North Ridge’s steep hills give stunning views from residences and buildings.

  1. The Marina Area

In the 1990s, this area was home to a prosperous marina. It was in operation for more than a decade until being forced to close owing to legal issues. Costa Rica has started building a new marina in 2019. It’s one of the most anticipated world-class marina destinations. It is located strategically between the upmarket Playa Flamingo and Playa Potrero communities.

The neighborhood is reaping tremendous benefits from the new Flamingo marina. More developments continue as they build supporting services and establishments. It is currently raising the value of existing homes and properties, as predicted. There is an estimated 20-30% increase by the time the project is completed.

The ongoing project includes the following:

  • 15,000 m2 retail and residential sites,
  • 6.2-acre man-made peninsula
  • fueling station,
  • dry boat storage facility,
  • approximately 175 wet slips,
  • heliport and more…
  1. Downtown Flamingo

The town arrangement at Playa Flamingo is unusual. Instead of a town center, it has a commercial center that is not located in the center of town. A large stretch of gorgeous beach runs through the heart of Playa Flamingo. On both sides of the hilly terrain, commercial and residential structures are constructed.

Playa Flamingo is a long expanse of sand that may be reached by a paved road. The La Plaza Flamingo is the most notable commercial center. It houses restaurants and stores. The establishments are accessible through large staircases.

  1. Flamingo Beach

The world-famous crescent-shaped beach of Playa Flamingo is 5 km. of unspoiled Flamingo beach area. Behind it is a protected mangrove forest. There is only one structure here and the biggest is the Flamingo Beach Resort. It has now been called Margaritaville Beach Resort since 2018.

The beach is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing for several hours. When you need some shade, the trees along the top portion of the beach give that.

  1. Nearby hotspot


A 10-minute trip offers an alluring escape from the posh lifestyle of Playa Flamingo. Brasilito has a low-key local atmosphere. The Gold Coast experience would be incomplete without visiting this fishing village. It may lack the flash and glam of nearby attractions. But it will provide you with the most authentic taste of local culture and Pura Vida. This is because the majority of the locals live in this area. 

The fishing community is built around a central plaza with a soccer field in the middle. There is plenty of shade in which to bask in the sun. It’s also a fantastic spot for watching the sunset.

It has a two-kilometer crescent-shaped beach from end to end. With usually calm gray-blue waters and light brown sand, it is perfect for swimming. But in certain weather, you can also surf here, and you can see locals surfing as well. You will witness the everyday life of locals here. You’ll see fishermen and their catch. There is a farmers’ market on Saturdays. Here you’ll find homemade jewelry, artisanal products, food, local produce, and others. 

Playa Conchal

Next to Brasilito, only two kilometers away, is one of the exotic beaches of Costa Rica. It is more developed than Brasilito, but definitely not cheaper. There are more accommodation options here than in  Brasilito. And there are lots of activities you can do. It’s the best clear water for snorkeling. There are also more adventure activities offered here. If you love water sports, there won’t be a dull moment here. But if you want a break from these activities and just adore nature, there are also some nature parks nearby. Or at nighttime, you can also find a spot here ideal for sleeping under the stars.

This place prides itself on having one of the finest man-made leisure facilities. This is the world-famous championship golf course, Garra de Leon. The golf course sits close to the beach a few steps away. Playa Conchal is also home to excellent all-inclusive resorts and condominiums.

Playa Tamarindo 

This next hotspot is larger than the others. It is only 30 minutes away. Tamarindo is well-known as a surfing destination. It has been featured in films and documentaries. It has played a significant part in making Costa Rica renowned around the world. Tamarindo has been a favorite of travelers worldwide since its discovery by tourists.

Tamarindo is home to thousands of tourists and expats from all over the globe all year. There is a thriving international community that complements the vibrant environment, especially at night.

Wildlife and diverse vegetation may also be found here. This location’s advantages are nature, nightlife, and handy conveniences. There are several hotels, restaurants, pubs, and stores to choose from in this area.

Broaden your culinary, life, and cultural experiences. These nearby destinations are easy to find. If you know where to look, Costa Rica has much more to offer.

  1. Best Features of Playa Flamingo Real Estate
  • Premier destination for travelers looking for luxury vacations and relaxation.
  • A prime location for real estate property investment and vacation rentals.
  • The steep hills provide stunning ocean views from structures built on them.
  • The short journey from and to an international airport. (approximately 1 hour)
  • A highly developed beach town with high-end amenities.
  • A vast beach with fewer crowds and a tranquil ambiance.
  • The region is best for sought-after activities like surfing, sport-fishing, golf, and others.
  • Interesting and top destinations nearby
  1. Top Activities and Things to do in Playa Flamingo 

Playa Flamingo will not only have you lying in the sun. It will surely get you out in the water. There are many water activities and other types of recreational activities here. 

Catamaran Cruise

It’s the best way for everyone to enjoy spectacular ocean views. During the dry season, afternoon tours guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience. In the afternoon, the Gold Coast offers a spectacular view of the Costa Rican sunset.


Many species of deepwater fish and sea creatures are in the deep waters of this area. Inshore and offshore fishing are also activities many people enjoy. 

Jet ski 

Take a jet ski trip along the perfect beach. Rentals may be found around the northern end of Playa Flamingo. This is a classic adrenaline-pumping sport that is also a fantastic way to explore the sites. It’s the ideal thing to do in places like this, where the scenery is spectacular.


There are several ways to explore Playa Flamingo and its surrounding attractions. There are several combination trips available as well. You may book a one-of-a-kind experience for yourself or your family. 

All-day trips often feature the following:

  • a private fishing charter
  • snorkeling
  • ATV rides 
  • zip lining
  • river tubing 
  • horseback riding 
  • or a mix of some of the above activities

Playa Flamingo: A Place to Call Home

Playa Flamingo estates boast privacy. Aside from being one of Costa Rica’s finest beaches, it provides the finest accommodations to stay in. This is true whether you’re here to stay or for a short sweet break. It is easy to find a spacious custom home here with quality outdoor space. It is also easy to find a beautifully decorated property here. Also, there are plenty of beautiful beachfront properties in Playa Flamingo.

On the ridge, there is a row of expensive residences. Condominiums, on the other hand, have a distinct advantage. It’s because they are located at the peak of the mountain. They have a great view of the splendor of Playa Flamingo.  Meanwhile, near the ridge’s base, the most costly homes may be found. Luckily, the majority, if not all, of these opulent homes here are available for rent as holiday homes.

Because of its distinctively attractive setting, Playa Flamingo cradles the richest. It’s the home of luxury homes. The major attraction is Playa’s natural beauty. The man-made structures built to feast and revel in its breathtaking sight come in second.

A massive marina is transforming this town into the fastest-growing, beautifully developed community. Both investors and tourists will enjoy Playa Flamingo. This year, learn about more investment opportunities in the Guanacaste region.

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