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Atenas Costa Rica Real Estate: Why It’s The Perfect Retirement Destination

Are you dreaming of a retirement destination that offers lots of sunny days, spectacular views, and international living? Atenas real estate may be a perfect property for you. Nestled in the central highlands of Costa Rica, Atenas Costa Rica is known for its pleasant year-round climate and convenient access to the nation’s capital city San Jose. 

Fulfill your dream of owning a beautiful home in the mountains with easy access to San Jose and the international airport. Atenas real estate has become a popular retirement option because of Atenas’ beautiful laidback town, excellent views, and best climate. 

Fortunately, Costa Rica offers an excellent opportunity for people who wish to retire overseas. In Costa Rica, foreigners enjoy the same buying ability as locals. Retiring in your perfect location is possible, which is why so many retirees pick the best community for them. One of them is Atenas in Alajuela. 

Where is Atenas?

Atenas is a beautiful little mountain town in the province of Alajuela. Atenas downtown is just outside of the bustling metropolis of San José Costa Rica. Atenas is located about 30 minutes away from downtown San José and the international airport. It’s about 75 minutes to the Pacific Coast beaches, and 90 minutes to a volcano.

Atenas is found in the province of Alajuela. Transportation here is easy to access. There are buses and a highway that connect Atenas to most major cities in Costa Rica, including San José, Heredia, Escazú, and more.

If you explore the amazing surroundings of Atenas, you’ll find out that it’s a lively and vibrant place with a lot to do. The area is also known for being a major exporter of coffee beans. And if you’re a fan of hiking and scenery, then Atenas is the place for you.

What makes Atenas special? Find out why so many North Americans are choosing to live here.

World’s best climate

There is strong scientific evidence supporting sunnier, cooler climates being the ideal places to live. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, people in warm, dry, sunny climates enjoy better health than those in colder, drier climates. They say that sunshine helps keep us happy and prevent diseases like depression, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, gall bladder problems, ulcers, cataracts, glaucoma, wrinkles, psoriasis, albinism, asthma, migraines, allergies, and hay fever.

Two main factors affect whether a climate is considered excellent or not. First, how warm or cold does the climate usually get? Second, how much rain falls annually?

To find out if the climate is suitable to live in, you must know these two things. Since you already know which climate you prefer, you will just need to find out how warm or cold it typically 

Climate-Related Factors That Affect Your Health

1) Temperature

The temperature of a place can have a significant impact on your health. For example, when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), people tend to become more active. This means they spend more time outside, exercising, playing sports, and engaging in other physical activities. As a result, their bodies become stronger and healthier. On the other hand, when temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), people tend towards lethargy and laziness. This means they spend most of their days inside, resting, watching TV, and doing nothing at all. So if you want to stay fit and healthy, make sure that the weather in your new home is pleasant and comfortable.

2) Humidity

When the humidity level rises above 50%, people tend to sweat more often. Sweating is good because it cools down our body, but too much sweating can lead to dehydration. Dehydration causes headaches, dizziness, fatigue, muscle cramps, and even fainting. To avoid this problem, try to limit yourself to drinking water whenever you feel thirsty. Also, be careful when working outdoors during periods of high humidity. Make sure that you drink lots of water before, during, and after work.

3) Rainfall

When there is no rain, people tend to suffer from dry skin and hair. They also tend to develop rashes and eczema. However, when there is heavy rainfall, people tend to experience flooding. Flooding can cause serious damage to homes, roads, and infrastructure. It can also create problems for crops and livestock. 

4) Wind

Another factor that affects the quality of your life is the wind. When the wind blows hard, it makes it difficult to breathe. This can lead to asthma attacks, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a healthy life, make sure that the wind doesn’t blow very hard.

5) Sunlight

Sunlight plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People who live in sunny climates tend to get more vitamin D than those who live in cloudy areas. Vitamin D helps prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many other diseases. So if you want a long and happy life, make sure that you live near the beach or in a tropical country.

Retiring in Atenas: What’s it like?

People who live in Atenas report that they feel healthier due to the fresh air, clean mountain air, and natural surroundings. There are fewer cars around compared to big cities and towns, which makes it easier to walk around and exercise without getting sweaty. Plus, you get peace and a slower pace of life. Also, expats in Atenas report enjoying eating fresh foods and drinking fresh water instead of processed foods and bottled water.

Another benefit of living in Atenas according to expats is that they don’t have to worry about crime. You won’t find yourself worrying about mugging or carjacking. And if you do experience any problems, you will have access to great medical assistance.

Also, expats in Atenas report feeling happier and more relaxed. Life feels less hurried and stressful. People living in Atenas report spending time with family and friends, doing activities outside, and relaxing after work.

A walk in the park

The most recommended spot to go for a walk is Atenas Central Park. At the center of the park is a fountain, surrounded by 8 sidewalks taking you to different lovely corners of the park.

A nature lover’s haven

In Atenas, there is never a shortage of inspiration for those who just adore nature, particularly plants and gardens. There are several well-kept gardens in Atenas to make your days happier. A great location to visit is the Botanical Orchid Garden La Garita. There, local birds are constantly singing in the background, adding beauty and therapeutic vibrations.

Explore Atenas

If you are looking for some rugged adventure and nature appreciation, you can head to the Rio Grande de Tárcoles and visit the nearby abandoned railway station.

The best coffee moments

Remember that Atenas is a wonderful coffee place. Start your day with a cup of coffee in the privacy of your home or an Atenas downtown cafe. There are several coffee farms in the area.

Try the El Toledo Coffee Tour. It’s one of the best coffee farms in Atenas, proudly producing the best organic coffee in the country. You can try the different roasts during the tour.

There are tons of things to do in Atenas. From exploring the countryside to visiting the nearby islands, there’s no shortage of things to do in this beautiful place. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can find volunteer opportunities with the local school, orphanage, or even teaching locals how to speak English!

Dream properties for sale

With a range of properties that are available at different price points, Atenas Costa Rica has something to offer to everyone seeking an idyllic retirement location. 

Many properties here are located near the highway. Going to the beach is just a drive away. There are supermarkets, banks, and a peaceful community. Also, larger pieces of land are perfect for construction projects either for business, rentals, or simply to build your dream home. 

You can also find gated communities here. If you are looking for a house for sale in town, check the listings for properties for sale. You can also easily find large pieces of land for sale here in a safe community. 

Atenas real estate offers everything you need near San Jose

In conclusion, Atenas offers everything for everyone, from mountains to shopping centers to historical places. But most importantly, it has a lot to give deserving retirees who want to live their best lives. Finally, a chance to unwind and relish your days, while still being close to the nation’s capital. It’s a place to slow down and leave the rat race. This is a good spot to live and retire if you’re seeking areas that are not overly commercialized while yet getting advantage of metropolitan conveniences. Overall, it’s the noncommercial vibe and beauty of Atenas that makes it not just a vacation spot but more like a place to call home.

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